United Nations: Another Silent Night

This is a commercial ad of United Nations. This commercial was released in December 2017 in United States. Under the title of “United Nations: Another Silent Night”.

32 girls from 17 countries came to NYC to share their stories of loss, struggle, and most importantly, survival to remind us all that immediate humanitarian aid can be the miracle that millions around the world need.

It was done by VML, New York advertising agency. And, the commercial by Prioduction Company is Timber & Frame and is directed by Ben Severance.

United Nations Presents
Another Silent Night
A song inspired by the true stories of 32 girs who survived conflict, famine and natural disasters
New York city
Good evening. This is a version of a holiday Carol that tells the story…

South Sudanese Refugee

You can’t see what I’ve been through like just by looking at me. I grew up in the refugee camp and so when I see those images I think about how like like my life could end it.


Back right used to live in Iraq. I just wonder like why I was all ripped away from me.


A refugee it’s not something that I chose to be I had to start my life from the beginning a refugee is someone who has courage and we should cherish that.

♬Silent night. Painful night.
Our mothers tears fall in fright.
Our loved ones captured, bought and sold
Chained and shilvering in the cold
Silently praying for peace
Silently praying for peace♬

Many people who have stayed bad have died it still hits me really hard.
I lost so many siblings they passed away from like basic living conditions. Whithout the UN, I think my family would still be in that refugee camp.
I guess like when people first come here they assume that like we’re gonna bring terrible stuff. It’s kind of a stereotype at this point. Everyone would ever think that I don’t think you’ve ever met one that like came here with the struggles one that came here with like a drive to like make sure their kids are safe to make sure they work hard in this country and that yeah I don’t think they know that.

♬Silent night. Hopeful night.
Save and sound our spirits renewed
Lifting our voices for peace.
Lifting our voices for peace♬

They were saved by a miracle: Humanitarian aid
Help the UN Central Emergency Response Fund be there when and where crises strike
United Nations CERF
Central Emergency Response Fund

The commercial song is “Another Silent Night” by The Miracle Choir. For those of you who like this song “Another Silent Night”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Meanwhile, on CD Baby, you can listen to the entire song without even buying anything, and you can temporarily download it for free.

The original music is “Silent Night” by Franz Xaver Gruber to lyrics by Joseph Mohr in the small town of Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria.

United Nations: Another Silent Night
Client: United Nations
Geo: United States
Released: December 2017
Advertising Agency: VML, New York
Production Company: Timber & Frame
Director: Ben Severance
Producer: Alexandra Morrow
Director of Photography: Alexander Sutula
Gaffer: Jack Rohnere
Grip: Ian Hoyt
Sound: Justin LaCroix
Sound: Pete Nenortas
Filming Locations: New York city
Piano: Paul Sullivan
Lyrics: Paul Conway Fullam
Chorus Director: Con Fullam
Musical Composer: Micah Tewers
Music: Another Silent Night by The Miracle Choir

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