TurboTax: Scary Dependents Featuring Kathy Bates

This is a commercial ad of TurboTax. This commercial was released in January 2017 in United States. Under the title of “TurboTax: Scary Dependents”. It was done by Wieden+Kennedy, Portland advertising agency.

With TurboTax, taxes aren’t scary. Relax, There’s TurboTax. TurboTax 2017 TV Commercial “Kathy Bates Scary Dependents” (Official :45) TV ad

Hello, Miss Bates.
Do you have a tax question?
I do.
There’s a bunch of creepy kids in this house I moved into.
Oh, are they your kids?
No, no, they were here when I moved in.
That sounds awful.
Can I claim them as dependents?
Unfortunately, you can’t,
but you may be able to deduct some of your moving expenses.
Good, ’cause I’m gonna have to move again.

relax, there’s turbotax

The commercial song is “Una Furtiva Lagrima” by Enrico Caruso. For those of you who like this song “Una Furtiva Lagrima”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

TurboTax: Scary Dependents Featuring Kathy Bates
Client: TurboTax
Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Actress: Kathy Bates (American actress)
Music: Una Furtiva Lagrima by Enrico Caruso

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