Google Photos: Happier Holidays

This is a commercial ad of Google Photos. This commercial was released in December 2016 in United States. Under the title of “Google Photos: Happier Holidays”.

Get the photos from your old phone onto your new phone – automatically.
Happier holidays from Google Photos!

Your phone has been there for you.
It’s seen your best side and your worst days.
It’s there for you in the mornings,
and it’s the last thing you see at night.
You go everywhere together.
You’ve even saved its life.
It’s your loved ones…
Your love notes and your memories.
It’s been there through it all in the palm of your hand.
Forget that old piece of garbage because you just got a brand new phone,
and it is glorious.
It’s got everything.
Everything except…
Your photos.
So get the Google Photos app,
and all the photos on your old phone,
will be waiting for you on your new phone automatically.
It’s a holiday miracle.
Happier holidays from Google Photos.

Google Photos
Photos. For life.

The commercial song is “Apache (Jump On It)” by Sugarhill Gang. For those of you who like this song “Apache (Jump On It)”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Google Photos: Happier Holidays
Client: Google
Geo: United States
Released: December 2016
Music: Apache (Jump On It) by Sugarhill Gang


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