This is a commercial ad of Cheerios. This commercial was released in June 2017 in United States. Under the title of “Cheerios: Good Goes Round”.

Cheerios wanted to inspire families to reconsider what Cheerios really are, positive energy food. To do so we conceived, created and launched Cheerios’ new brand platform, Good Goes Round, built around the idea when you eat good food, you feel good, you do good things, and it all comes back round in a virtuous circle. We collaborated with musician Latrell James and directors We are From LA to create a music video that tells the story of the positive energy cycle of Cheerios.

It was done by 72andSunny, New York advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Iconoclast and is directed by Wafla.

♬Seed to the oat  
To the O, to the bowl, to the spoon  
Bowl to the spoon  
To the mouth of the boy in a room  
Room for that goodness inside the bloom

Good goes around  
And around  
And around

Seed to the oat  
To the O on that table for two  
Baby and mama, sit down for that first finger food  
Start with the good, and the good will come back to you

Good goes around  
And around  
And around

Seed to the oat  
To the O on the first day of school  
Schooling your sister on why  
And just how to be cool  
Cool if she hangs  
You can show her what’s good

Good goes around  
And around  
And around

Seed to the oat  
To the O it’s the good that we do  
Put in the good and the good will come back to you  
The circle of good makes the whole world better too

Good goes around  
And around  
And around…♬

Good Goes Round  

The commercial song is “Good Goes Around” by Latrell James. However, this song was produced specifically for the commercial and unfortunately, it is not available to purchase or download on any music sites.

Cheerios: Good Goes Round (2018 Clio Music Bronze)  
Client: Cheerios  
Geo: United States  
Released: June 2017  
Advertising Agency: 72andSunny, New York  
Production Company: Iconoclast  
Directors: Wafla (We Are From L.A)  
Creative Co-Chair: Glenn Cole  
Executive Creative Director: Bryan Rowles  
Group Creative Director: Justine Armour  
Creative Directors: Matthew Carey, Wei Wei Dong  
Designer: Brandon Mai  
Writer: Ben Wiley  
Creative Technologist: Tim Grover  
Group Brand Director: Rachel Kornafel  
Brand Director: Brittni Hutchins  
Senior Brand Manager: Jessica Baker  
Brand Manager: Dylan Levy  
Brand Coordinator: Jena Verlin  
Executive Producer: Kerli Teo  
Senior Producer: Ryan Chong  
Production Coordinator: Emma Ogiens  
Group Strategy Director: Anibal Casso  
Senior Strategist: Anneliese Rapp  
Junior Strategist: Carol Chan  
Actors: Maliyah James, Sullivan Resich  
Music Company: Brewhouse Music  
Music: Good Goes Around by Latrell James